Tekno RC Teammates Jake Spaulding, Randy Cathcart and Jared Wiggins sweep both Electric Buggy and Pro 4 at the Illinois State Indoor Championships while Kevin McCoy took the Electric Truggy win at the 4th Annual Toys for Tots race and Tekno RC Teammates Matthew Strong and Aaron Royston would go 1st and 2nd at the Operation Santa Clause/Toys for Tots race this past weekend. Here is a small race report for each race:

Jake Spaulding had this to say, “The Illinois State Champs race was a long one day event. With just a little over 200 entries we would have a 3 heats of E-buggy and 1 full heat of short course truck. Tekno Teammates, Jared Wiggins and Randy Cathcart were also in attendance and looked great all day. In qualifier 1, I threw down a great run in ebuggy securing TQ, until the 3rd round Randy had a great run beating me by 1 second. In 4×4 short course all three team Tekno drivers would be starting top three. In the main Jared, Randy, and I would pull away pretty quickly and have a great battle until they made some bobbles allowing me to take the win. The ebuggy main started at about 11pm. Randy and I would start to check out early with Jared making his way up to 3rd behind us. Randy and I ran neck and neck most of the race until he made some small bobbles giving me the overall win. Thanks to Jason White for the awesome layout!”


E-Buggy Podium:

1st: Jake Spaulding
2nd: Randy Cathcart (TQ)
3rd: Jared Wiggins



SCT Pro 4 Podium:

1st: Jake Spaulding
2nd: Randy Cathcart (TQ)
3rd: Jared Wiggins



Kevin McCoy reported, “This was the 4th Annual Toys for Tots race at The Warehouse in AL. I’ve been to this track years ago and it was nice to run on it again. It’s small but has the best traction and had a very fun layout. Thanks Britt Roshon, Blake Jefferson, Brian Cooke and all of the other guys that made this race happen.
My group arrived at the track late Friday evening and I only had the chance for a few practice sessions on the track but I feel it was adequate. Due to the size and speed of the track I had some hard collisions with other cars on the track which ultimately took me out of Electric Buggy. In qualifying I went back and forth with Jonathan Reeves but took TQ. Jonathan and I fought through the entire main and I believe we put on a good show. I ultimately took the win. Both the EB48.3 and ET48.3 were dialed on this sticky track.”


Electric Truggy Podium:

1st: Kevin McCoy
2nd: Jonathan Reeves
3rd: Stuart Owensby


Aaron Roystron reported, “I attended the Annual charity event put on by the Shreveport Police Department to gather toys for underprivileged children in the Shreveport/Bossier City area. We filled 2 squad cars full of toys! This was the largest turnout ever for a race at this track. The track was insanely tacky, so much so that my prior setup no longer worked and I was struggling to dial out traction. I was able to TQ both Pro2 SC and Pro4 SC but a tangle at the beginning of Pro4 main caused me to almost get lapped by the leader on the first lap. I worked my way back to within 2 seconds of leader and traction rolled on the last lap leaving me finishing 2nd behind Tekno teammate Matthew Strong.”


SCT Pro4 Podium:

1st: Matthew Strong
2nd: Aaron Roystron
3rd: Darrin Marrs