Tekno RC is pleased to announce the release of our Shock Cap Bushings, part number TKR6007, as a separate item. We have received many requests from our customers to offer the Shock Cap Bushings as a stand-alone item and we are happy to help keep maintenance costs down by offering the bushings in a convenient 4-pack. One package of 4 bushings allows you to replace the bushings on all four shocks at the same time. The Shock Cap Bushings are compatible with all Tekno RC vehicles: EB48.2, NB48, ET48, NT48 and SCT410. Available Now!

Part Number: TKR6007
Description: Shock Cap Bushings (4pcs)
MSRP: $3.99

More info: https://www.teknorc.com/shop/tkr6007-shock-cap-bushings-4pcs-ebnbetntsct/