Tekno RC is proud to announce a new rear gearbox option for the EB48 and SCT410 (TKR5016B). This new gearbox is slightly angled upward to minimize the drive angles and increase efficiency. Furthermore, this helps to reduce wear on the driveshaft for increased longevity. New larger 5x13x4mm bearings also help to increase durability (TKRBB05134).

Tekno RC has released a new line of aluminum servo horns (TKR5251, TKR5252, TKR5253). These servo horn are the perfect fit for your steering servo in almost any vehicle and were designed to minimize stress on the servo spline. Utilizing a bottom mount design, these servo horns will keep your servos better protected – keeping you in the race. A locking screw is included for added security. CNC machined and gun metal anodized for wear, these servo horns will not strip out any time soon.

We’ve received many requests to offer the stub axles from our 17mm SCT410 hub adapters separately. We have answered the call and have released the stub axles in a package by themselves (TKR5580). These are used when converting your SCT410 to a lightweight 1/8th buggy (EB48SL). They are made from hardened steel and require the other parts in the TKR5570-17 17mm Hub Adapter set for use.











PART #: TKR5016B
DESC: Gearbox (rear, angled, 5x13x4mm bearing)
MSRP: $13.99











PART #: TKRBB05134
DESC: Ball Bearing (5x13x4mm, 4pcs)
MSRP: $7.99











PART #: TKR5251, TKR5252, TKR5253
DESC: Aluminum Servo Horn
MSRP: $14.99











PART #: TKR5580
DESC: Stub Axles for Adapters (For TKR5570-17, SCT410, hardened steel, 2pcs)
MSRP: $17.99