Some news from the FEMCA 2012 All Asia Championship that took place last month in Thailand…

Tekno RC driver John Ho had just received his brand new EB48 a couple days before the event.  It went together smoothly but there wasn’t much time to tune and tweak things before the race.  The venue was the world renowned track in Pattaya, Thailand where the IFMAR 1/8th GP Buggy Worlds was held in 2010.  The track has a reputation for being a very brutal environment for RC but the EB48 would once again prove its durability by finishing all qualifying and main events without any breakage or other issues.  The setup had to get dialed in during practice and qualifying and John changed the right combination of settings to reduce lap times and boost consistency.  John reported that the car responded very well and predictable to the setup changes he made and he was ready for the final event.  He finished 2nd in the main event and he is looking forward to more events with the EB48.

John has shared his build experience with many drivers in his area and has posted the build on a couple forums complete with many pictures:

We have posted John’s setup from the FEMCA race on our website as well:
EB48 Setup Sheet – John Ho, FEMCA – Pattaya, Thailand