When we set out to design the ultimate electric 1/8th buggy, we knew the layout had to be compact, efficient, and effective.  Having designed and manufactured dozens of chassis for other manufacturer’s vehicles, we were in a good position to exploit all that we had learned and focus it into a new platform.  In 2007 we started optimizing chassis layouts for 1/8th electric.  From the V3, to the V4, to the EB48, each has evolved and improved.  We spent a lot of time and money on a V1 and a V2 that never saw the light of day.

From the beginning, we were not content with just putting a motor mount and battery tray into a nitro buggy and calling it a day.  After the V4 chassis kits came out it was clear that we had gone as far as we could with other manufacturer’s buggies.  The next step was the EB48.  We took the critically acclaimed V4 layout, tweaked it a bit and built a whole new platform around it.  The rear placed center differential allows the motor and battery to be nestled along the center driveshaft.  This put the largest masses (motor and battery) collectively further forward and as close to center as possible.  More weight centered allows the vehicle to change direction quicker with more stability.  More weight forward provides better on-power steering and greater corner speed.

The widest point of the chassis with mudguard is 125mm (4.92″).  That’s narrower than most 1/10th vehicles let alone 1/8th scale.  The ESC is up front and low, sandwiched between the motor and steering servo.  The RX sits in the back fully enclosed.  The right mudguard/RX tray comes off with 8 screws for easy maintenance and access.  On the left side is the battery tray and, of course, facilities for mechanical brakes (we’ll discuss this in a later post).  The battery can be moved forward or backward 10mm when using a standard hard case pack.

One of the limitations of some other buggies on the market is motor clearance.  Some people like power and power means a bigger motor.  There is plenty of room on the EB48 chassis to accommodate ‘truggy’ lenth motors.  A full 78+mm of motor clearance is provided to ensure that the EB48 will work with your electronics.  And you don’t have to cut any motor shafts for battery clearance either.  Stay tuned for more!